How Good Is The Mel-8704R EMF Meter?

Ghost hunting can be quite a difficult task if not prepared with the right tools. The bare human eye cannot always be trusted to detect the kind of evidence associated with the paranormal. This is why most professional ghost hunters and even amateurs have progressively added more and more gadgets to their arsenal. The most popular instruments designed to aid in the exploration of ghost hunting are EMF readers. In particular, Mel-8704R. today’s Buyer Guide will cover everything you will need to know before purchasing one.

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Some devices were designed with another purpose in mind and through many experiments later adopted by those in the field. However, technology has progressively advanced and people’s perception of the paranormal become more widely positive. This has allowed for equipment like the Mel-8704R to be created and designed specifically for ghost hunting.

The Mel-8704R Meter

The Mel Meter 8704R is essentially an EMF reader. It is one of the most well-known types on the market for those in the paranormal field. Unlike many other gadgets, Mel was specifically created and designed for the use of professional ghost hunters.

What Is An EMF reader?

An EMF reader is a scientific device that measures electromagnetic frequencies. Electromagnetic frequencies are measurable energy in the form of electromagnetism that is created when a magnetic current moves. Most forms of EMF radiation occur naturally. The more toxic forms, however, come from manmade gadgets such as computers, microwaves, tablets, or routers.

For quite some time now, paranormal investigators have relied on EMF readers to help them determine if an entity is nearby. These devices are usually not that hard to use and are deeply valued by professionals in the field. Most of the readers have an analog display and even have speakers to announce the amount of electromagnetic frequency in the area.

what is an emf reader?

The Backstory

The reason the Mel Meter 8704R was created is actually quite a touching story. Gary Galka is an electrical engineer and owner of a company that creates test devices to measure data. In 2004, Gary’s daughter, Melissa was involved in a bad car accident. At only 17 years of age, Melissa was taken off life support and passed away.

 The Family as a whole was devastated. Shortly after her passing, they immediately began feeling her presence around them. According to the family, they suddenly noticed that lights would flicker, the TV would go on and off by itself, and other electrical devices would act up whenever she was around. Progressively her presence got stronger and soon enough they were able to smell her fragrance and even feel her touch.

Inspired by the desire to be able to communicate with his lost daughter, Gary soon started studying the paranormal. He would watch TV shows and read as many books on the subject as he could. Gary and his Wife even tried experimenting with EVP. Gary realized that there was no equipment for him to use that had been specifically made to communicate with the dead.

It was then that Gary decided he would create some type of device that would allow them to communicate with Melissa. Soon the Mel Meter 8704R was born. He named the device Mel after his daughter Melissa who was born in the year ’87 and passed away in ’04. Gary’s company, DAS, is now one of the leading suppliers of paranormal accessories.

“The EMF meter is the only professional measurement instrument line designed exclusively for paranormal enthusiasts.” –

Gary Galka

On the video below you can listen to Gary himself describe his experiences with his daughter’s spirit as well as his journey into the paranormal:


The Mel-8704R uses a red-lighted display as well as a red flashlight as to not interfere with the infrared cameras that most ghost hunters use. Here are some very notable features about the Mel-8704R EMF Meter:

  • EMF Bandwidth: 30-300 Hz
  • 3 EMF Ranges: 200 mG (0.1 mG resolution), 2000 mG, & 20,000 mG
  • Temp: -40 to 482 °F (0.1° resolution)
  •  Battery operated and takes one 9-volt alkaline battery (not included)
  • Night vision backlit LCD screen (can be turned off)

The Mel Meter 8704R is a single axis horizontal axis device. This means it will have to be rotated onto the different axis to get the most precise results. The Mel-8704R also has a red-backlit display that will reveal real-time information on the temperature and EMF radiation of an area close by. The EMF readings are provided in either Ut (microtesla) or mG (milliGauss). Likewise, the temperature can be read in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. The latest version of the Mel-8704R is an all-black design that even includes a flashlight for your convenience.

Check out this video for a visually detailed description and set up a guide of the Mel-8704R:

Where To Buy A Mel-8704R?

The newest version of the Mel Meter 8704R can be easily bought on Amazon. If purchased there is will also come with a free carrying case. Just in case you are interested in its older version, you can also find it here.

What Do The Industry Experts Think?

One of the main reasons the 8704R is so loved by professionals in the paranormal field is that it merges multiple ghost hunting equipment into one device. Unlike other gadgets, the Mel-8704R will do more than simply record EMF radiation data. In fact, it will also detect temperature while simultaneously remembering the highest and lowest readings for future use.

The Mel-8704R will also allow professionals to set the device in a specific location, continue with other work, and then return to check on its readings. It does not require the user to be present at all times for it to do its job. As you can imagine, this can be a remarkable feature for most ghost hunters. By recording any sudden drops in temperature or shifts in EMF radiation, the Mel-8704R will give ghost hunters an indication that an entity is near.

Personal Testimony

Some pretty mixed reviews can be found across the web about the Mel Meter 8704R. For the most part, the majority of the reviews speak very highly in regards to the meter’s performance and dependability. My personal thoughts about it are positive for the most part. The 8704R does exactly what it says it will do. It reads EMF and temperature accurately. The base model alone can hold its own up against similar meters in the field. Even with the upgrades, I still think it’s very well priced. Bottom line is, there’s a reason all the industry leaders prefer it to most.

Final Thoughts

The Mel-8704R EMF Meter is indisputably one of the best pieces of equipment in the ghost hunting community. It is no surprise that it is the most popular and widely preferred tool by experts in the field.

Mel-8704R EMF Meter review

This device’s origin story holds a lot of power and reassures its users that it was specifically designed to track ghosts. It is an extremely diverse device and its readings are backed up by scientific evidence. The Mel-8704R even allows the user to multitask by recording data for future examination. A fundamental tool for proper documentation!

I hope you found guide insightful and helpful in your quest for the best paranormal equipment. Have you ever used the Mel Meter? How did you like it?